snowflakes in February

it's love like a rose red, bleeding, into your soul a river drowns any wave curling its mighty sea: love deepens the night bones darkly in its reach, tenderly yearning your touch, the celestial snowflakes fall behind the dry pine needles and open the kiss of morning.  -njvm

All love songs, the favorites, finale

Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose. Joan Baez, Wildwood Flower ( with Maybelle Carter) Bette Midler, The Rose. Elaine Page, Memories. Sarah Mclachlan, In the Arms of the Angel. Judy Collins, Amazing Grace. Josh Groban, Ave Maria. Leonard Cohen...Hallelujah, etc. Baha'i sacred songs - Dastam Begin. (persian) Navy, Eternal Father. Nina Simone, Kiss John Denver, …

Art Show of 2020: next week

The humming crowd erupts into a crescendo The beat grows louder it's Art - alive! on the vintage tables wrapped in persona and creativity by the elders to show and share a rare glimpse of life history. Artworks of story, color and texture whisper across the Atrium vibe provoking--celebrating--even agitating, through stitching, words, images, & …

Healing Path of Art: the show

Be it photographs, acrylics, beads and jewels,  poems or book covers, quilts -- it's art. Any creation or invention of our spirit and mind utilizing senses, hands and feet, adds not subtracts positively. The Universe embraces these objects, changes, and unfolds their humanity on its template. --Njvm 2020.